Privacy Notice

The protection of the personal data of our customers and visitors are of great concern to us. We use your data within the legal boundaries (especially §28 of the german BDSG regulation) for the processing of orders exclusively. You provide us with your personal data in the process of placing an order, when opening a customer account or when contacting us.

Raising and processing of data

Each access of our page and the herein deposited files is logged. This log is solely used for statistical and internal technical purposes. The following data is logged: name of requested file, date and time of the call, transmited volume of data, type of browser and ip/domain of enquirer. Personal data is not collected in regard to this. Personal data is only collected, stored and processed if you provide us with this data voluntarily, for instance when placing an order or when opening a customer account. During this, at most we collect: your full name, your email adress, your phone number and your complete adress information. Only the fields marked with * are required by us, personal data in addition to this can be provided voluntarily.

Usage and dissemination of personal data

If you have provided us with personal data, this data is exclusively used for the processing and administration of orders placed with us. This may includes the transmission of your adress data to logistic companies in connection with the transport of ordered goods. We will not sell, lend or distribute your personal data in any way beside the purposes mentioned above.

Right of access to and deletion of personal data

Personal data connected to orders that were not completed are deleted immediately. Personal data of completed orders are deleted after the expiry of relevant safekeeping periods under german law, in special the legal obligation to retain invoices for a certain period of time related to accounting and taxation. You have the right to request information about, to request correction and to request deletion of your personal data free of charge at any time (exempt hereof is the deletion of personal data that is retained due to legal obligations as mentioned above during a relevant safekeeping period). You may contact us with such a request via eMail, Fax or in writing. Our contact details are disclosed in the Imprint section of our page. Beside that, your personal data will be deleted (a.) by the time you withdraw your consent to the storage of personal data, (b.) if the storage of your personal data is or becomes illegitimate in regard to legal reasons or (c.) when the storage of your personal data is not needed anymore in regard to its intended purpose at the time of storage.